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Creative Director, Designer

My Scope of Work

Brand Strategy

Design Direction

Design Concepting

Guideline Authoring

In 2022, I directed a global company rebrand focused on building a solid foundation of brand elements to be expanded upon over the next few years. Simultaneously, we collaborated with 72andSunny on our first global brand campaign. Despite the challenges of running both projects in parallel, we launched on schedule. I was responsible for every phase, from the initial brand strategy and creative conception to the logistical execution and rollout.

Zoom Designer: Kirk bell

The Logo

The new Zoom wordmark was launched with the rebrand in 2022. It was refined to fix technical and aesthetic issues.

Z Brand Mark [Concept]
The new Z brand mark was created to solve a few problems:

Limitations with using the wordmark at small sizes, controversy over using a plain Z and it's ties to the Russian war, and a lack of distinctive brand mark in the market.

This mark is a concept and never officially launched publicly.


Lacking a formally defined brand strategy, our internal design team stepped up, advocating for a clear mission and establishing principles to guide our brand identity efforts.


Partnering with 2 small type foundries we customized a pre-existing font to create Happy Display, and re-packaging a font family to launch Almaden Sans.

Delivering happiness has been a core value at Zoom since inception, and Almaden is the street name of the HQ building in San Jose.


We built a color system directly inspired by the sun’s energizing impact on the world around us.

Our neutrals reflect how we experience the sun’s light during the course of a day. The range of warm lights, cool darks, and lunar gray tones provide our visual identity a natural, familiar feeling.


For a brand anchored in human connection and experiences, it was imperative that our photography portrayed humanity in its most authentic form.

For more, visit my Bespoke Photography Page.

Iconography & Brand Shapes

When defining a icon style, we aimed for utmost simplicity, distilling symbols to basic geometric forms. These can be scaled flexibly, allowing for unique patterns and endless visual possibilities.

Stylized UI

To address the diverse requirements for incorporating UI into designs, we developed a system that offers a scalable approach to representing fidelity.

High fidelity

Full Detail

Best used for showcasing an entire interface as a general reference to a product or application.

Low fidelity

Some Detail

Best used for spotlighting a particular area of UI and/or demonstrating a feature.



Best used for communicating high-level, abstract ideas related to a feature or product.

Low Fidelity Floating

Mixed Detail

Best used for global communications with no written characters requiring no localization.

Visual Expression

A glimpse into the final product!

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