Bespoke Photography Campaigns


2021 - Present


Creative Director

My Scope of Work

Photography Direction

Photography Production

Zoom photography positions the customers as the heroes, capturing people and environments in their genuine state. At the heart of the brand is the belief that human connection drives the product – we strove to ensure this essence is evident in the images. We've build Brandfolder libraries of over 2000+ bespoke images for easy distribution to employees, partners and customers, as well as created a system for smart PSDs to easily swap UI within images.

Studio: Rhino Media

One Platform to Connect

August 2022

Supporting the Brand Campaign, we primarily highlighted Phone, Chat, and Contact Center interactions.

The Hybrid Workforce

October 2023

In the newest installment of our brand photography, we focused on the return to the office.

Where We Work

July 2023

Highlighting the real people behind this company, we used a more natural approach to lighting and emphasized colors that complement our design palette.

Next Project

Thank You for Keeping Us Together

2020 End of Year Video
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