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Creative Director, Designer

My Scope of Work

Ad Concepting

Design Direction

Photography Production

Video Direction

Approached as an internal agency initiative, I handpicked a team of three designers and collaborated with a boutique motion design agency for execution. Through partnerships with Red Bull Racing and MLB, this campaign gained global reach.

Zoom Designers: Nick Wenzel, Chris reyes

Copywriting & Concepting

Concentrating on cost savings and competitive edges, we selected three concepts for further development.

Video Production

For the debut of our much-anticipated team chat video, we introduced a fresh animated style. I initiated and supervised the entire process, from wireframing and storyboarding through to the final execution.

Team Chat

Simplify your workflow.

Product Demo


Targeting mainly North America and EMEA, most of our out-of-home creative showcased our partnership with the F1 Red Bull Racing team.

Display Ads

After refining the copy from the initial concepts, here's a glimpse of what was introduced to the market.

Next Project

Bespoke Photography

Custom Photography Campaigns
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